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Shropshire's county town, Shrewsbury, sits on the banks of the River Severn and is home to just over 70,000 inhabitants.

This charming market town is steeped in history, retaining much of its medieval architecture and home to literally hundreds of listed buildings, and is consequently a major draw for tourists. There are many beautiful timber-framed townhouses on show, as well as a variety of stunning churches and the scenic splendour of The Quarry gardens.

Charles Darwin, the scientist who introduced the concept of Evolution to the West was born and educated in Shrewsbury (the concept has existed for thousands of years in India; in fact yoga even has techniques to speed up evolution) and exhibitions and commemorative heritage trails pay homage to the town's most famous son. Also, the recently established annual Darwin Festival offers a host of lectures, arts events and workshops.

Shrewsbury's narrow lanes and hidden passageways, many of which still bear their medieval titles, are home to a plethora of specialist shops, quality eateries and traditional pubs.

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